Get rid of the various to-do’s lists once and for all and assure you’ll never forget a periodic obligation.

Manage all the tasks associated with your principal periodic obligations directly on SIAWISE platform, assuring you’ll comply with all deadlines and/or expiring licenses.


With this module, the obligations that are part of the legislation profile and of a periodic nature are automatically listed.


Learn more about the full options on this new SIAWISE module to learn you can reduce your worries even further with the full identification of all periodic obligations by becoming being a PLUS customer.

3 types of obligations


The SIAWISE team makes available to Portugal all Periodic Obligations considered principal, for EXPERT and PREMIUM customers.

My obligations

You can create your own Ad-Hoc Obligations or integrated with the other contracted modules: Legislation, Standards and / or Documents.


Contact us if you want to obtain the full identification service of the Periodic Obligations directly applicable to your legislation profiles.