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Assessment of compliance.

The most complete, intuitive and effective legal management tool, with permanent access to legal documents, which allows you to identify the legislation applicable to your Organization and assess your legal compliance status as well as publish the respective monitoring reports.

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Whatever your industry, the countries where you operate, or the number of locations where you operate, Siawise fits your business. We are present in 19 countries, 4 continents and in various sectors of activity. Whether here or anywhere in the world, we will never leave you alone.

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SIAWISE provides access to a constantly updated database of legislation through navigation and search functionality, simple or complete. The legislation is structured by countries, scopes of legislation, source of publication and topic / sub-theme. The consultation to each legal diploma presents information about the source of publication, the associated dates and the direct relations with other legal diplomas. It is also possible to consult the legal diploma in its original format and its consolidated version when available from official sources.

SIAWISE provides functionalities of management of the applicable legislation by identifying the legal requirements associated with each legal diploma identified as applicable, classification of its applicability (direct, indirect or informative), definition of responsibility for its monitoring and management of associated tasks. Monitoring of applicable legislation can be defined by location / business unit / activity.

SIAWISE provides management capabilities for other requirements identified as applicable, being able to load all of this documentation, identify the applicable requirements and perform compliance assessments.

SIAWISE offers a number of custom reporting options that enable reporting of legislation, applicable legislation, and legal compliance assessments. Similar reports are made available for the management of other applicable requirements. It is also possible to consult indicators for summary reporting of applicability data and legal or non-legal compliance.

Depending on the type of service contracted, SIAWISE makes available a series of notices associated with this service provision. These notices are published in SIAWISE and may also be sent by email if this option is enabled.

SIAWISE provides parameterization options for access to applicability and compliance elements for each user.

SIAWISE provides a set of features to manage findings recorded in the modules of legislation and documents, allowing to perform full screening on one tool only. It is also possible to manage any other type of verification from another source, such as audits, complaints or other, keeping all actions in one place only.

SIAWISE provides RASFF warning management functionality allowing you to manage personalized alerts and receive these notifications via email.

Action Plans

With the Action Plan module, one can already follow up on the nonconformities, deviations or improvements, arising from legal compliance assessments, complaints, external audits, internal or from clients, among other sources. With this module, one can manage all the actions in one place only – SIAWISE – and thus simply and expeditiously foster the continuous improvement.

With this module one can manage all Plans and their associated Actions:

  • Analyze the cause of the findings identified in different sources;
  • Share all necessary information between users as well as their actions;
  • Delegate and follow up the tasks carried out or pending;
  • Share documentation;
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of closed actions.

Your records will translate into a structured record of easy-to-read actions that have been taken to resolve any deviations identified over time.

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Norms Module

The NORMS module is available in SIAWISE, which enables the creation of references and standards, with the respective availability and identification of all associated regulatory requirements, including texts to support the interpretation of each requirement, criteria for assessing compliance with each requirement, and development of a scoring. This module was developed with the objective of allowing each client to plan, structure, perform and manage audits of normative references of their interest. It is also possible to manage outstanding audits and issue their reports.

The NORMS module is integrated into SIAWISE’s global development policy and interacts with other modules currently available (eg, Legislation, My Documents, Tasks, Action Plans, Audits).

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Mobile APP

A new version of SIAWISE Mobile is now available on Google Play and the APP Store.

In addition to a revamped layout, there are plenty of content upgrades: advanced search, document module and SIAWISE warnings. And you can now receive PUSH notifications on your device.

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